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January 2022:  This website is currently being revamped and the shop section of  is not working.   If you wish to place an order for patchwork paper templates please call or text me on 07737374319 or email  - See price list tab above.  Thank you for your patience.  

January 2021


I have made the decision to retire, but don’t want to disappoint many loyal customers.  I want you to finish your quilts! so the shop section of this website will operate for the time being.   It is 37 years since my first commission.  Back in 1984 I was a 27 year old with keen ambitions and saw no boundaries to what I could achieve.  I somehow exceeded my expectations, succeeding in ways I thought impossible. Looking back It was all down to hard work and determination.  Through my work I met my husband and sadly became a widow 24 years later. I still get a thrill picking up a needle and getting lost in a creative state in my studio.   Now offering a retirement sale of waistcoats and other textile items.  Please ask for further details. My youtube, pinterest and instagram will continue to run and be updated, for your inspiration.   Thanking you for all your support over the years.

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Jackie Wills Textile Artist Est. 1984

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Book: hexagon Patchwork pattern and design by Jackie WIlls

Also by Jackie Wills

Scorhill waistcoat by Jackie Wills
The Happiness Quilt 1988 by Jackie Wills

Unique and beautifully crafted waistcoats, textile art, hexagon patchwork, patchwork paper templates.



Ready cut hexagon, diamond, and square patchwork paper templates. Also other shapes. Miniature from 5cm each side.


Book: Hexagon Patchwork Pattern and Design


Jackie Wills has sold these products online from UK since 2003

patchwork templates pack and parcel
website patchwork 1
website patchwork 2
 website patchwork 3
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Using hexagon as a guide, cut rectangles. Allow about 1cm seam allowance all around.  Tack paper hexagon to paper as shown above then sew hexagons together.

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During lockdown I created personal textile artworks to cheer and surprise my friends.  Click images to see detail.



Mobile 07737374319

Landline  01803 690747


Copyright 2014. Jackie Wills. All Rights Reserved.

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