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Jackie Wills Textile Artist Est. 1984

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During the late 1980's I used the Fibonacci Sequence of numbers to create a number of patchwork quilts.  I wrote the article below published in "Patchwork and Quilting" Magazine Summer 1990.  A similar article I wrote also appeared in the American "Quilt World"  Magazine.


If you have trouble reading I will email a copy.  I currently have fibonacci patchwork templates available to buy.

Fibonacci Article
Fibonacci Article page 2
Fibonacci Patchwork by Jackie Wills commission 1992
fibonacci patchwork by Jackie Wills
Fibonacci Flora patchwork
Fibonacci Patchwork by Jackie Wills 1988
8cm overlapping chintz hexagons by jackie wills 1991
Happiness quilt detail
Strip Fibonacci Patchwork designed and created by Jackie Wills 1998

Above: "Tampa to Suttons Island, Maine"  by Jackie Wills during the year of 1988.   Hand sewn chintz hexagons.


Above: Overlapping chintz hexagons by Jackie Wills.  Commission 1991. A similar design was made into a footstool

The Happiness Quilt 007

Above and left:  The Happiness Quilt - designed and created by Jackie Wills 1988.  3423 handsewn chintz hexagons.


Pattern can be found in my book:  Hexagon Patchwork Pattern and Design.  Available to purchase on this website.

P1020826 2

Above:  The Beautiful Design by Jackie Wills 2011.


Of all my pieces I feel this is my best.  I loved creating it.

Strip Fibonacci Patchwork by Jackie Wills 1988

Left:  Fibonacci Strip Patchwork designed and created by Jackie Wills during the late 1980's.


Exhibited 1990 at the Patchwork and Quilting Malvern Show.


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