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Book: hexagon Patchwork pattern and design by Jackie WIlls 8cm paper hexagon templates buy from www.patchworktemplates.co.uk Fibonacci strip patchwork by Jackie Wills, handsewn, chintz fabric

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Scorhill waistcoat by Jackie Wills Brooktrout4 by Jackie Wills for society6 jackie and rachel Burgh Island The Happiness Quilt 1988 by Jackie Wills

Theme waistcoat featuring artifacts found at Ipplepen Archaeology Iron Age - Roman project.  Open day 2018


Samian Roman pottery, Roman coin, 300 year old buckle and modern tools.  Commissions undertaken.

Unique and beautifully crafted waistcoats, textile art, hexagon patchwork, patchwork paper templates.






The Shorely interview




Ready cut hexagon, diamond, and square patchwork paper templates. Also other shapes. Miniature from 5cm each side.


Book: Hexagon Patchwork Pattern and Design


Jackie Wills has sold these products online from UK since 2003

Roman Iron Age waistcoat detail from Iron Age - Roman waistcoat Roman Iron Age waistcoat 1 Roman Iron Age waistcoat 1 patchwork templates pack and parcel

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Using hexagon as a guide, cut rectangles. Allow about 1cm seam allowance all around.  Tack paper hexagon to paper as shown above then sew hexagons together.